About Neat Components

We are a Danish brand striving to provide innovative and neat solutions for riders and their bikes, solving everything from small to big problems.

About founder

I am an enthusiastic bike rider who have enjoyed riding bikes since my teen years. I enjoy both the social aspect and racing aspect of bike riding, both through my early years as a mountainbiker and later where I have found the love for road cycling and gravel riding.

I Really enjoy tinkering with my bikes and building them with parts from different small and lesser-known brands. I thoroughly enjoy building lightweight bikes and would advocate myself as a true weight weenie, which can also be seen in some of our products.

I have always had a curious mindset wanting to improve life’s small annoyances. I have had an interest in 3d printing and 3d modeling for the last 10 years which have helped me solve a lot of different annoyances through my daily life and routines.

How it started

My interest in wanting to improve stuff combined with my love for cycling is also how neat components started. I have developed a lot of small bits and pieces for my bikes through the years, such as our front mounts, headset spacers, top caps etc.

Once I got the varia light, I was never happy with the original mounting solution which was never in the right spot and would move around on the seatpost. This led to me developing the varia mount for my own bike. A couple of my friends saw it while I was riding and wanted one as well. This led to the thought that I could help solve other people’s problems on the bike as well, so I started selling these mounts on Facebook which quickly led to a lot of people enjoying my creation. I therefore decided to start Neat Components and started to sell worldwide.


Our Vision

At Neat Components we want to produce products of high quality. We will stand by the quality of all of our products and if anything is not up to standard, we will try our best to fix the issue and provide a better solution for the problem. We strive to solve problems of all kinds, both small and big. We want to keep a creative mindset always inventing new products and improving our existing designs while keeping up with newly released products from other manufactures to make their products even better.