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Bike accessories

Many cyclists are keen on small accessories for their bikes. These can be bike accessories to put on their bikes like cassettes, bike computers, handlebars, pedals, saddles, etc.Small accessories can make a big difference in the performance and comfort of a bike ride. Cyclists often look for lightweight and durable components to enhance their cycling experience. From compact bike pumps and multitools for on-the-go repairs to sleek water bottle cages and saddlebags, there are endless options to customize and optimize a bicycle. These accessories not only add functionality but also allow cyclists to express their personal style and preferences. Whether it's a colorful set of bar tape or a high-tech GPS bike computer, the right accessories can elevate a rider's enjoyment of the sport

Hjelm Wall mount - Bike accessories

Many cyclists love to show off their gear as they often spend a lot of money on things like helmets and glasses, so a rack to display your smart Oakley glasses and Specialized helmet in the bike room at home can be a great idea.Investing in a sleek, minimalistic rack not only keeps your prized possessions organized but also adds a touch of style to your home decor. Imagine walking into your bike room and being greeted by a professional-looking display of your top-of-the-line gear. It's a fantastic way to celebrate your passion for cycling and create a functional yet visually appealing space in your home. Plus, with your equipment showcased prominently, it's easier to grab what you need and head out for your next ride. A well-designed rack can also serve as a conversation starter for guests, sparking discussions about your cycling adventures and the technology behind your gear. So, why not turn your bike room into a gallery of your cycling achievements and gear collection?

Shoe mount

When you're wearing your most stylish cycling shoes after a ride and you're just so happy with them, isn't it a shame to put them in the drawer afterwards? It would be even more awesome to hang them on the wall and show off your new white cycling shoes.Maybe you could create a little display shelf for your cycling shoes. Picture it – a sleek, modern wall mount with your pristine white shoes perched delicately on top. It's not just footwear; it's a statement. A conversation starter. Guests will marvel at your style and, more importantly, your commitment to cycling. Hang them proudly and let your shoes become a unique piece of art in your home.


Tired of dealing with the mess and inconvenience of your bike wheel when using your home trainer? With our smart wall mount, you can neatly hang your rear wheel on the wall while you work up a sweat on your home trainer. Say goodbye to clutter and dirty walls and say hello to a more organized and efficient space for your indoor cycling workouts. So why put up with the hassle when you can easily keep your wheel out of the way and maintain a clean and sleek setup? Upgrade your indoor cycling experience today!