Gift Ideas for Cyclists: Ultimate Guide for Bike Accessories

Gift Ideas for Cyclists: Ultimate Guide for Bike Accessories

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your loved one who is a cycling enthusiast? Look no further! We've got you covered with gift ideas that any cyclist will love. Whether it's for their safety, performance or style, these bike accessories are a must-have for any serious cyclist.


Garmin Varia Light

If your cyclist loves to ride at night or in low light conditions, a Garmin Varia light is a fantastic gift choice. The Varia light is a smart bike light that can adjust its brightness depending on the ambient light conditions. It's also equipped with a radar that detects approaching vehicles from up to 140 meters away, giving the cyclist ample time to adjust their speed and position. We recommend buying a mount for the Garmin varia light that fits better with their bike, like the ones listed here


Bike Computer

Another perfect gift for a cyclist is a bike computer. A bike computer provides information on the cyclist's speed, distance, elevation, heart rate, and other data that can be essential for their training and performance. The Garmin Edge series and Wahoo Elemnt series are two popular brands you may consider. Moreover, they are equipped with built-in GPS systems that allow riders to create custom routes, track their progress, and provide useful navigation information during rides.


Training Plan

Help your cyclist to achieve their fitness goals by gifting them a training plan. There are many apps and training programs available today that cater to cyclists of different levels of expertise. TrainerRoad and Zwift, for instance, can provide a more structured approach to indoor training, from workouts to customized plans. Or, you may opt for personalized coaching through online platforms like Training Peaks. These programs are perfect for goals such as weight loss, muscle gain, building endurance, or getting ready for your first race.


Race Entry

Nothing motivates a cyclist more than signing up for a race or competition. A race entry is a great gift option for a cycling enthusiast. Registering for an event adds a new level of excitement and motivation to cycling while enabling them to compare their performance with others. Some events also offer discounts for group registration, making it a perfect gift option to share with friends and family. Bonus gift idea: Purchase a race number mount to make their first race entry easier. You can find a race number mount here:  


5 small Gifts

Other than the gift ideas mentioned above, here are five small yet essential gifts that can help cyclists maintain motivation and keep themselves and their bikes in top shape. 

  1. Bottles

Cycling water bottles are essential for staying hydrated on long rides. Look for high-quality, BPA-free bottles that are easy to squeeze and have a secure lid.

  1. Cleaning Tools

A set of bike-specific cleaning brushes and a gentle degreaser can make post-ride clean-up a breeze. Consider a cleaning kit that includes brushes for hard-to-reach areas like cassettes and chains.

  1. Chain Lubrication

Quality chain lubrication can significantly extend the life of a bike's drivetrain. Opt for a durable, all-weather lubricant that will keep the chain running smoothly in various conditions.

  1. Sports Nutrition

Cyclists are always on the lookout for energy-boosting snacks. Consider gifting a selection of energy gels, bars or electrolyte drinks to keep them fueled during their rides.

  1. Helmet + Glasses Mount

The Neat Components Helmet + Glasses hanger is the perfect solution for organizing and displaying cycling gear. With both helmet and sunglasses mounts, this hanger provides a stylish and convenient storage solution for any cycling enthusiast. Find it here


Whether your cyclist is a professional or a recreational rider, these gift ideas will make their riding experience more comfortable, enjoyable, and safe. These gifts will undoubtedly level up the cycling game of the person who loves this sport. With the Garmin varia light and radar, cycling computers, training plans, race entries, and small but essential gifts, you can't go wrong!

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